Advanced, Secure Loading

When loading your vehicle or equipment into ocean containers, we use only the most secure and advanced lashing techniques in the industry. Our expert crew combines wooden ramps and bracing structures, nylon straps to tie down the vehicles or cargo to ensure the safest loading possible. We provide full container load depending on their dimensions up to 4 vehicles inside the container,or consolidated vehicle loading, where cars from different clients are combined inside one container.

The most popular sizes are:

  • 20 foot: for 1 x car in the container
  • 40 foot Standard: for 2 x cars in the container
  • 40 foot High Cube: for 3 & 4 cars in the container depending on their size
  • 45 foot High Cube: for 5 x car in the container


Other specialist types that you may encounter include Flat Rack, Open Top, and ‘heavy tested’ 20’ containers that are suitable for heavy machinery.

The maximum payload mass for a 20’ container is approx. 22 tonnes: and for 40’, approx. 27 tonnes.
As always, you can expect assistance from our personnel whenever you need us.

Required Documentation: 
We’ll also serve as your Export Broker, handling all necessary documentation, reporting and compliance requirements.

You should note that the ownership / title of the vehicle is requiredbefore your cargo can be loaded and any export documentation can be processed. (No exceptions, please.) You may include additional auto parts with the vehicle (we will list them on the Bill of Lading and Export Declaration for compliance and security reasons).

Required Documentation for Shipping your vehicle or other items:

  • Copy of the ownership / title of the Vehicle
  • Bill of Sale of Vehicle or goods being shipped
  • Copy of Passport / Drivers Licence of Shipper
  • Detail List of Goods within a car (only If there are something besides the car)
  • PDF shipping instruction form to be filled out prior to shipping


If you need more information about loading, shipping or exact quote, please
send your request via email: 
or contact us at +1 514 631 3333