Autointex’s full range of logistics supply chain capabilities

include warehousing in Canada and USA.

– Our warehouse can accommodate up to 100 crs inside.

– We can store in topped guarded warehouse up to  20,000 cu. feet of different palletized cargo.

– The proessionalism of our staff has enabled us to load up to 4
cars in 40’HC-container.

Our warehouses are strategically located across the U.S and Canada and offer the followingservices:

– Vehicle loading, bracing, customclearance, and drayage
– Watercraft loadinginside of containers

– Watercraft loading on flat racks

– Auto part loading
– Warehousing of general cargo, personal effects, household goods and general merchandising.

– As well as loading of all previously mentioned commodities.
– Various cargo inspection certificates required by foreign countries
– Heavy machinery and farm equipment loading and dismantling
– Inland moves of any commodity across the U.S. and Canada to nearest port facilities.


If you need more information about loading, shipping or exact quote, please
send your request via email
or contact us at +1 514 631 3333